Welcome to PayPal Exchange Ghana. Our work is to help ordinary PayPal account holders to get PayPal funds in their wallet and also covert PayPal funds to the local currency via the world most common mobile payment wallets.


We are in to help make transactions in and out of PayPal as easy as possible without any stress legally and safely.

Terms: Don't try to use a hacked account to withdraw. Use your own account. 

As our activity involves monitory systems to ensure safe transaction between both parties, we make sure accounts money is sent from belongs to the sender rightfully. And the receiver as well. You are will be required to prove your ID should your account is suspected. Failure to do so, your account will be reported and payment suspended. If you open to dispute, we will report your account to PayPal for limitation. When we find out that you have involved our business in any fraudulent act, the funds will be held for 180 working days until further notice for a refund from right sender and then we will explain to the sender why his payment was held. No refund.

More to come... Check on time to read what we shall add or remove. Thank you.